Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Ideas for the final

Make a clock that doesn't work. Because that's funny to me: ALSO because it feels very represented of my life right now specifically this semester too. I want this to be fairly satirical.

I want the "arm" of this clock to go super fast, slow, backwards, stuff like that.

The thing that I could probably use easily is a servo. I know there is a way to make a clock easily just through a servo alone which is online, I just need to modify the code to do the other things I want it to do which is to do that other stuff.

I could also include a proximity sensor if someone gets closer the crazier the "hand" gets.

My 5 People

  1. Camille Utterback
  2. Claudia O'Steen
  3. Cy Keener
  4. Alan Rath
  5. Jim Campbell

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Week 4

This is really cool and found some really cool inspiration from.

Beneficial to me alone?

Brainstorm ideas:

Improving healthy lifestyle elements?

I, personally, need to drink about 62 oz. of water a day, at most I actually drink is about 40 oz. Is it possible to make something that can tell me when to drink water, or how much water I've drank?

Tracking heart rate for exercise?

MyoWare Muscle Sensor

Track calories with this muscle sensor??

The Applewatch and Fitbits do this.. how can I take concepts and sensors like this and turn it into something more.. human? More... abstract? I'm not married to this idea either, and I think something more can come of this, or form other ideas as well.

I keep finding sensors for the final instead of the first project I need help.

PIR (motion) sensor

Time of Flight sensor

Have products for Thomas by Feb. 11th, he's giving the spreadsheet he uses to give to the school for our allowance of 40 dollars. I may utilize this personally for the final project.

Week 3

Jan 21st was MLK day no school.

Jan 23rd:
learn more about the use of Arduino. Types to get used to is "int" meaning integer. Floats are decimal numbers.

Also want to figure out a time with Thomas to meet for this project and figure out what I want to do.

int ledPin = 10;
byte flicker[] = {180, 30, 255, 200, 10, 90, 150, 60};

void setup () {
     // put your set up code here, to run once:
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
     // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
for (int i =0; i<7; i++) {
analogWrite(ledPin, flicker[i]);

Follow closely with Arduino code, so I can understand it more.


Monday, January 14, 2019

Week 2 - Arduino

Jan 14: Introducing Project 1! Super simply put: develop a machine that reports something. The plan is to make this due Week 8.. Feb 25 or 27th

Led Array wizard.. Know that the battery is a 9 volt, how to solve for the ohms needed for the LED


Downloading that shit. I made this for practice in the Fritzing, the only thing that I'm not too much of a fan of is that there's no correction indicator which plays into the thing where you learn.

Update this later today getting kicked out.

Found Project

An artist recommended to me by Thomas for this project.

"Text Rain is an interactive installation in which participants use the familiar instrument of their bodies, to do what seems magical—to lift and play with falling letters that do not really exist. In the Text Raininstallation participants stand or move in front of a large projection screen. On the screen they see a mirrored video projection of themselves in black and white, combined with a color animation of falling letters. Like rain or snow, the letters appears to land on participants’ heads and arms. The letters respond to the participants’ motions and can be caught, lifted, and then let fall again. The falling text will ‘land’ on anything darker than a certain threshold, and ‘fall’ whenever that obstacle is removed. If a participant accumulates enough letters along their outstretched arms, or along the silhouette of any dark object, they can sometimes catch an entire word, or even a phrase. The falling letters are not random, but form lines of a poem about bodies and language. ‘Reading’ the phrases in the Text Raininstallation becomes a physical as well as a cerebral endeavor."

As read from her project section.

Ideas for the final

Make a clock that doesn't work. Because that's funny to me: ALSO because it feels very represented of my life right now  specificall...